“RECreativno sa Dijanom Tepšić” and Clinic Svjetlost Banja Luka awarded laser eye correction surgery

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Izvlacenje dobitnika laserske operacije

In one of our biggest projects, TV Show “RECreativno sa Dijanom Tepšić”, and in cooperation with the Clinic Svjetlost Banja Luka, we cherished Anu Shinik Ivaštanin from Gradiška with a valuable gift. A gift of a 2,000-KM laser correction operation was given to a young mother who, with her message, left the jury in tears , but at the same time also joy, because they can help her with this award and improve her quality of life.

Over the past month, hundreds of emotive letters have been received through the form on the Facebook page “RECreativno sa Dijanom Tepšić”. The three-member jury of Sara Kozomara, Svjetlost Banja Luka Clinic, musician Vanja Mišić and Dijana Tepšić, the show’s author, analyzed all the messages received and chose the winner. All those who reported in the past month with their story had the opportunity to participate, on how this operation would change their life. The decision was not at all simple.

Sara Kozomara in front of the Clinic Svetlost Banja Luka stated that it was a difficult decision in front members of the jury.

The show that has been a favorite for the fifth season brings unique content and quality production to small screens, as well as digital platforms, and the support of the Banja Luka Clinic Light during the creation of new episodes proves that successful stories are found and that this renowned clinic recognized creativity and high-quality television content. If you’ve missed one of the episodes, find the favorite Show on our Youtube channel.