REC Vlog: Milan Maglov on the shortest way to effective promotions on social networks

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Lately, since Facebook has significantly increased the numbers in the Ads Manager for the visibility of a campaign, we often hear controversies about the cost-effectiveness of invested money and the end results.

What gives social networks a great advantage over traditional media when it comes to promoting a product or service itself is the amount of the initial budget and the quick measurability of the results. To begin with, an investment of roughly 5 or 10 euros is enough to reach a certain number of people from our target group only, and we immediately measure the results. If the results are worse than expected, there is a possibility of interrupting the campaign, and launching a new one. In traditional media, the money deposit is much higher at the very start, and we can measure the results only after the campaign passes.

Milan Maglov, a community manager and educator in the area of marketing on social networks, in the next week’s REC Vlog is talking about the shortest way to effective promotion on social networks, the biggest beginnings mistakes in digital marketing, and the best ways to present your business online.

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