Clinic Svjetlost Banjaluka has a special gift for the end of 5th season ,,RECreativno sa Dijanom Tepšić”

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Our biggest project – TV Show ,,RECreativno sa Dijanom Tepšić” was supported by Clinic Svjetlost Banja Luka! If in the next month, from June 28th until July 28th, you fill out a special form on the Facebook page ,,RECreativno sa Dijanom Tepšić” you will have the opportunity to receive a gift laser surgery correction operation worth 2,000 KM.

Apart from personal data, we also expect a brief explanation of why you or your dear person need a laser visual correction, and how this operation will change your life. This is an opportunity to write to us and what lifestyle habits you want to solve with laser surgery, and which life habits you want to improve after you perform laser dioptre removal. The form is available on THIS link.


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In order to further motivate you to fill in the application, in the next episodes “RECreativno sa Dijanom Tepšić” you will also find happy patients who have undergone surgery and listen to their experiences during this short and painless procedure. The name of the winner chosen by the special jury will be announced in the last episode of this season, which will be broadcast on July 28, as well as on the Facebook pages “RECreativno sa Dijanom Tepšić” and “Clinic Svjetlost Banja Luka”.

The show that has been a favorite for the fifth season brings unique content and quality production to small screens, as well as digital platforms, and the support of the Banja Luka Clinic Light during the creation of new episodes proves that successful stories are found and that this renowned clinic recognized creativity and high-quality television content. If you’ve missed one of the episodes, find the favorite Show on our Youtube channel.